Staff Wish List

  Let's make the magic happen! 

Teachers often use their own money and resources to supplement classroom materials. The Wish List will serve to connect the needs of staff with possible donations from parents and our community. If there is something on the Wish List that you would like to donate, please contact the staff member.  The item can be new or used. 

Note that all classrooms and specialist office spaces can ALWAYS use kleenex and wipes!!

Anne Janssen- Nurse

Underwear (boys especially!)

Snacks - Cheese-it's, small granola bars, real juice (small boxes) etc.

Lona Sepessy - Librarian

Books from Lona Sepessy's Amazon Wish Lists
Welcome Door Mat for students to wipe feet on
Costco red licorice & Animal Cracker tubs
15 headphone splitters that maintain stereo integrity in both headphones  - to be used with library computers

Fernell Miller - P.E.
Kettle Bells (5-8 lbs)
Scooters (6)
Medicine Balls (4-6-8-10 lb)
itunes Gift Cards
Boss Ball (4)
Stop Watches (4)
Bails of Hay/med (4)
Stationary Bike (s)
Bike Helmets (S/M/L)
Small Balance Beam
Truck Tires for Field Day (2-4)

Monica Coleman - Speech and Language
If people happen to have old boardgames or books to donate that would be much appreciated. Anything that applies to preK-6th grade.


Jessica Darling – Mid-level 1-2-3

New or Gently Used Boardgames:


Apples to Apples Junior

Chutes and Ladders

Spot It Animals


Renita DeGraff—Mid-Level 4-5-6

Kore Wobble chairs 


Melinda Troberg – School Assistant



Kira Clausen – Kindergarten

Heavy duty pencil sharpener

Zip lock baggies

Non-scented baby wipes 

Colleen O'Conner - 1st grade

Bonny Becker books:
A Library Book for Bear
A Bedtime for Bear
The Sniffles for Bear
A Birthday for Bear


Alma Howe – 2nd Grade

Books:  Completely Clementine (Sara Pennypacker)

Each Kindness (Elizabeth Kennedy)

Come On Rain (Karen Hesse)



Barb Liburdy – 3rd Grade

2 electric heavy duty pencil sharpeners

30 (or any amount) fine tip expo pens

Glue Sticks (any amount)

Fun pencils (not mechanical) and erasers (I use as prizes for reading club)

20-30 gallon size freezer bags with zips

20-30 quart size freezer bags

Vis a Vis pens in any dark color 

chapter books



Cindy Daniel – 4th Grade

Heavy duty pencil sharpener(s)

Amazon Gift Cards

Black ultra fine point sharpies

large handled (adult) scissors

"whisper phones" 

Post-It Chart Paper

Post-it Tabs Value Pack, Assorted Primary Colors, 1 and 2-Inch Sizes, 114-Tabs/Pack (686-VAD2)

Gallon size freezer bags with zips

Quart size freezer bags 

Sandwich bags 


Ticonderoga pencils

2 packages wide tipped (chisel) white board markers (black or blue)

HP 901 XL black and HP 901 XL color ink cartridges  (to work with a HP Officejet 4500)


Deborah Henderson – 4th Grade

Sticky Notes – all sizes

Sharpie Chart Markers

Ticonderoga Pencils

Black ultra fine point sharpies

box of gallon size freezer bags

box of quart size freezer bags 

"whisper phones" 

large handled scissors

Paper Mate "Flair" pens.....assorted colors




Joey Mertel – 4th/5th Combination

"whisper phones" 

Post-It Chart Paper


Jennifer Rudko - 5th Grade
Board Games
Large area carpet
Corner Reading Lamp
Books in the P-Z level range
Non-Fiction books around:
Colonial America
American Revolution
The Making of the US Government
Human Rights Movement
Ecosystems, Organisms, and Energy
Earth's Systems and Place in the Universe
Variables and Engineering Design
Small Stools (3-legged like Joey Mertel's)


Debbie Barnhart – Sixth Grade

* large handled scissors

* Paper Mate "Flair" pens.....assorted colors

* Fine tip black Sharpies

* Fine tip assorted colored Sharpies

* Electric pencil sharpener

* Large area carpet


Jesse Lowery – Sixth Grade

Prismacolor colored pencils

Class set of protractors (Charles Leonard, INC. brand)

Post-it stickies any color (non-accordion type)

Glue Sticks (any amount)

box of gallon size freezer bags with zips

box of quart size freezer bags 

box of sandwich bags 



Karin Krueger – Sixth Grade

Take the ladder and sharpies off.

Add the following:

Black ultra fine point sharpies

Post-it self-stick wall pads 20"x23"


ticonderoga pencils

3"x5" post its