Staff Wish List

  Let's make the magic happen! 

Teachers often use their own money and resources to supplement classroom materials. The Wish List will serve to connect the needs of staff with possible donations from parents and our community. If there is something on the Wish List that you would like to donate, please contact the staff member.  The item can be new or used. 

Note that all classrooms and specialist office spaces can ALWAYS use kleenex and wipes!!


Stephanie Baughman



Julia Stewart
Paula Wilson
1st Grade

Janie Radovich
Colleen O'Connor
2nd Grade
Mandy Budwill
Alma Howe
3rd Grade
Barb Liburby
several electric pencil sharpeners(heavy duty)
wide ruled notebook paper
fun decorated pencils(to give away as prizes)
fun erasers(to give away as prizes)

Wet Wipes

Amanda Bowker
4th Grade

Cindy Daniel 

Karin Krueger
I would love some HP 901 black and color ink cartridges for my HP Officejet 4500 printer.
"grippies" for our pencils
Small prizes/toys for our "good works" prize box (no candy)
A two step folding step ladder

5th Grade

Debbie Barnhart

Jen Williams
  • Countertop Easels to display books in our classroom library (have found them at JoAnn Fabric and Michaels)
  • Rug for Meeting Space (total space is approximately 7 feet x 6 feet)
  • Yoga Balls or T-Stools for students to sit on at desks
  • Author’s Chair/Teacher’s Chair for when students are on the floor (the stool in my room is too tall)
  • Wolves of the Beyond Book Series by Kathryn Lasky
  • Small Paper Organizer (with about 6 or so compartments)
  • Non-Fiction books for my classroom library

6th Grade
Gordon Burke
Deb Henderson
Pencil Sharpner
Fine tipped black sharpies
Joey Mertel
Large Post-it sticky pads for my easel--25x30.5", 30-sheets

Specialists and Support Staff
Sally Noland - Library

Nurse Anne Janssen
Kelly Webb - Music

Monica Colleran - Speach and Language
If people happen to have old boardgames or books to donate that would be much appreciated. Anything that applies to preK-6th grade.

Nina Gartland - Learning Center

Chris Carey - Learning Center
Julie Sogge - ELL

Melinda Troberg - Computer Lab/Playground

Fernell Miller - PE
Jessica Darling - Mid Level 1-2-3
Pearl Stokes - Mid Level 1-2-3
Renita DeGraff - Mid Level 4-5-6
Becky Fukudu - Mid Level 4-5-6