Staff Wish List

  Let's make the magic happen! 

Teachers often use their own money and resources to supplement classroom materials. The Wish List will serve to connect the needs of staff with possible donations from parents and our community. If there is something on the Wish List that you would like to donate, please contact the staff member.  The item can be new or used. 

Note that all classrooms and specialist office spaces can ALWAYS use kleenex and wipes!!

Anne Janssen- Nurse


Boys basketball shorts (any size)

Lona Sepessy - Librarian

glue gun
colored tap 3/4 or 1" wide
Fancy and plain duct tape
colored markers
large popsicle sticks - plain & colored
pipe cleaners
Book covering materials - Lona can give ordering info
plastic storage containers - 1.5 qt (midsize), 16 quart 

Fernell Miller - P.E.
Unused or Outgrown Items
Pug Goals are on the top of our list
Ping Pong Tables & Paddles
Badminton Rackets
Exercise Equipment: Stationary Bikes, Foot/Arm Peddlers and Rowing Machines
Personal Exercise Equipment: Hand grip strength, free wts, ankle wts and Medicine/Yogo balls etc.
Palos Sports: Inline wheel scooters: pg 239 #X17107 (16'x16' set of 6) wish for 2 sets!
Zume Pickleball net: pg 260 #X16834 (wish for 2 nets)
Kelly Webb - Music
Maracas - in pairs or singles, any or many
Wood dowels 3/4" cut into 1ft lengths (to make rhythm sticks), any or many
Monica Coleman - Speech and Language
If people happen to have old boardgames or books to donate that would be much appreciated. Anything that applies to preK-6th grade.


Jessica Darling – Mid-level 1-2-3

New or Gently Used Boardgames:


Apples to Apples Junior

Chutes and Ladders

Spot It Animals


Renita DeGraff—Mid-Level 4-5-6

Kore Wobble chairs


 Kira Clausen

Elmer's Glue brand glue sticks

Non-scented baby wipes 

Paula Wilson

Elmer's Glue brand glue sticks

Julia Stewart


Toy Cash Register

Wood blocks

Any of the Brand New Readers Series (can purchase these thru Amazon)

Any books by Kevin Henkes

Any of the following books by Jeanne Willis and Mark Birchall:

Be Quiet Parrot

Be Gentle Python

No Biting Puma

Take Turns Penguin

Copies of Mrs. Wishy Washy by Joy Cowley

Copies of any of the following books by James Marshall:

Red Riding Hood

The Three Bears

The Three Little Pigs

Copies of the Beetle Alphabet Book by Jerry Pallotta and David Biedrzycki

Primary Colored Baskets in the 10x15 inch size from Really Good Stuff

Secondary Colored Baskets in the 10x15 inch size from Really Good Stuff

Unused hand puppets for dramatic play

A subscription to National Geographic Kids or National Geographic Young Explorer

Boxes of Crayola 24 count regular sized crayons

Boxes of Crayola Washable Markers

Colleen O'Conner

Books in the Pony Scout Series:  Any Party, Really Riding, Pony Crazy, The New Pony, Runaway Ponies.
Books in the series "Marley":  Marley and the Runaway Pumpkin, Snow Dog Marley, Not a Peep, Marley's Big Adventure, Learns a Lesson, Strike Three Marley.
Fly Guy Books (any)
Piggie and Elephant books (any)
Books in Berenstain Bears "I Can Read" Series:  The Berenstain Bears' Class Trip, The Berenstain Bears' Lemonade Stand, The Berenstain Bears:  All Aboard!, The Berenstain Bears:  We Love Soccer!, The Berenstain Bears' sleepover, The Berenstain Bears' Seashore Treasure.
Any book from the above listed series is welcome.  Duplicates are okay as well.

Jennifer Hurley

Alma Howe

Swingline 747 Classic Stapler (20 Sheets, Black 74701)

24 Write & Wipe Lapboard - Dry erase boards (9 x 12 inch)


How to Read a Story (Author Katte Messner, Illustrator Mark Siegel)



Barb Liburdy

Heavy duty school pro electric pencil sharpener

Fun erasers (animal shapes, etc)

Fun pencils (fuzzy, patterned, glittery - NOT mechanic)

Fun packages of stickers

Boxes of Kleenex

Class set of pencil boxes (approx 8x4 inches) OR class set of pencil pouches to fit in 3-ring binder

24-30 gallon size freezer bags with zips

24-30 quart size freezer bags

water color art paper

fine tip expo pens (any color)

flair pens (any color)


Cindy Daniel

Sticky Note - all sizes and colors (non-accordion style)

Black ultra fine point sharpies

5-10 "whisper phones" 


Unifix cubes

Post-It Chart Paper

Post-it Tabs Value Pack, Assorted Primary Colors, 1 and 2-Inch Sizes, 114-Tabs/Pack (686-VAD2)

Sandwich bags 


HP 901 XL black and HP 901 XL color ink cartridges  (to work with a HP Officejet 4500)


Deborah Henderson

Paper Mate "Flair" pens.....assorted colors


Adult Scissors

Left handed scissors for big kids

Sticky Notes – all sizes

Sharpie Chart Markers

Ticonderoga Pencils

Black ultra fine point sharpies

box of gallon size freezer bags

box of quart size freezer bags 

"whisper phones" 

Kore Wobble chairs

Video Rocker Chair


Joey Mertel

Post-It Chart Paper
classroom globe


Jennifer Rudko
Click here for Rudko Amazon Wishlist
Board Games
Large area carpet
Corner Reading Lamp
Books in the P-Z level range
Non-Fiction books around:
Colonial America
American Revolution
The Making of the US Government
Human Rights Movement
Ecosystems, Organisms, and Energy
Earth's Systems and Place in the Universe
Variables and Engineering Design
Small Stools (3-legged like Joey Mertel's)


Debbie Barnhart

Fun Pencils (to give to students throughout year)

Fun Erasers (to give out)


Colorful Stamp Pads

Post-It Chart Paper

 Colored sticky-note pads:  3x3, 4x5, or 6x8

Fun bright colors of printer paper


Up to date atlases (paperback)

Gently used color printer

Colored sharpies (medium and fine point)

Colored sharpies (for chart paper - they don't bleed)

Colored Paper Mate Flair pens

Erasable highlighters

Erasable ink pens


Jesse Lowery

Glue Sticks!! (Elmer's brand, please)


Post-it stickies any color (non-accordion type)

Sharpies (Black

Flair Pens (multi-color and black)

Prismacolor colored pencils


Karin Britten 

HP 901 black and color ink cartridges

X-ACTO School Pro 1670 Electric Pencil Sharpener

Pencil cap erasers