January 16, 2017   Olympia
Join thousands of educators, parents, and kids for a historic Rally for Fully Funding Public Education on the Capitol Steps in Olympia.  This is a terrific learning opportunity for your kids on their day off.  For more information, click on the link to learn how you can help advocate for our children's education.
Advocacy and Your Role as a Parent

Did you know that PTA has a over a century of speaking for every child with one voice?   For over 100 years PTA has used legislative advocacy to further the objectives of PTA to building a better world for children at the state and local level as well as on the national stage.

The best way to be the best advocate for your child is to stay informed of important issues.  In addition, make sure you are registered to vote so you can help make important decisions during election years. 

Local Issues
Voter Registration

      Are you registered for the next election? Register to vote with the Washington Secretary of State 

Issues Impacting
Arrowhead Community
This issue impacts the safety of our children who walk within our community whether to/from school or otherwise.  Click on image above to read more about Proposition 1, Walkways & Waterways which will be on our November 2016 Ballot

Statewide Issues

It's Quick and Easy!

Contact your representatives to support key legislation.