Fall Fundraiser

Oct 23rd - Nov. 3rd, 2017

 "Plant Now, Harvest Later"

Arrowhead Elementary is truly a community supported school.  Working together as a team is vital to creating a strong school community where everyone feels supported and appreciated.  The quote above, says it all and is driving our fundraising effort this year. Each year your generous donations fund amazing programs that benefit every Arrowhead student. With your support, Arrowhead Elementary PTA provides:


  •  Classroom Funds for books, Arrowhead Reads and author visits.
  •  Enrichment Programs such as Science on the Half Day, Art Docent, Missoula Children’s Theater and Reflections.  Other programs include, Drama Club, Chef’s Club, Spanish and Mandarin Clubs, Coding Club and Lego Club.
  • Scholarship Funds support access for students to PTA sponsored programs. 
  • Arrowhead Community Events including Pancake Breakfast, Popcorn Friday, School Dance, Parents n' Pastries, Carnival, Art Night and Science Fair.
  • School, Family, and Community Support through Emergency Prep, Library Volunteers, Care Committee, Staff Appreciation and Social Service Committee.


Look for the donation envelope that came home on Monday, Oct. 23rd, or make your donations below.

Our goal is to raise more than $20,000 and have all of our families participate in any way that works with their budget.  The suggested donation is $100 per student. However, donations of any amount are welcome and appreciated.


Your tax deductible donations support numerous Arrowhead PTA programs and since we don’t ask our students to sell anything, every dollar earned comes back to the PTA.  Thank you in advance for your generosity and support.


Please contact Molly Burdeen if you would like to help.

Your donation is tax deductible!
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Thank you for supporting Arrowhead's PTA
A Very Special Thank You to our Generous Donors!