Public Safety Committee

Public Safety Committee Update

October 28, 2016

School Safety & Security – Updates & Reminders


School Perimeter

  • Additional fencing has been installed along the back perimeter of the school to help keep our kids separated from wildlife or other potential dangers.  Repairs to a damaged section of fencing are underway.

  • Beginning October 31, the swinging gate at the South end of the parking lot (near the library and basketball courts) will be closed and locked each day from 8:45AM to 4:00PM.


Drop-off and Pick-up

  • Extra cars on rainy days cause traffic, gridlock, and delays…  If your child usually takes the bus, you can help provide a safer parking lot by maintaining that routine rain or shine!

  • Please be courteous when dropping-off or picking-up kids and please do not park on the side of the road marked with “No Parking” signs.


 Blue Lines

  • The blue lines on school sidewalks between the primary classroom area and the bus zone are used to help keep classes together when walking through campus during the day.  At the end of the day, they provide a pathway to safely walk long lines of students to the bus or parking lot for pick-up.  You can help by standing outside of the blue lines and keeping these paths clear whenever you’re on campus!


Our campus has become quite FULL,
We can’t run about like the china shop BULL.
Take a look on the ground . . . we have a TOOL,
But it seems that we are not aware of this RULE.
Like traffic, each class walks the line on the RIGHT,
You know how I like them, straight and TIGHT!!
But after school, we WALK in the middle like a TRAIN,
All Adults clear the tracks!!
Even if you must stand in the RAIN.
Teachers must deliver their packages without FAIL,
Please, NO interruptions, we could all get DERAILED!
Thank you for using the Blue lines CORRECTLY,
And helping our station (I mean) campus run SMOOTHLY and SAFELY!


Halloween Safety

  • Be sure to walk and drive safely on October 31 and follow these Safety Tips.