Care Committee

Cultural Awareness Resources and Education

The Care Committee supports and cares for Arrowhead families in a time of need. Once the committee chair is informed of a particular need (such as an illness, death in the family or birth of a child), we communicate with the family to coordinate what we can do to provide support.  Support usually comes in the form of a card, flowers, and/or delivered meals.  We are usually informed of a need by the school's principal, nurse, teachers or fellow PTA members.  We try to be discreet and respect privacy, as well.  We want to take care of our wonderful Arrowhead families.  If you know of an existing or future need of a family at Arrowhead, please contact Laura Nordyke at 

Volunteers Needed to Prepare Meals and Donate Gift Cards

Would you like to help an Arrowhead family in a time of need? 

We currently have two ways you can show your much appreciated support.

  • Sign up to prepare and deliver simple meals
The CARE Committee is in need of volunteers to participate in an active meal train calendar for an Arrowhead/ Kenmore Jr. High family in need. Please contact Laura Nordyke at

  • Purchase gift cards
Many families in our Arrowhead community can use your help. The next time you are at the grocery store, Fred Meyers, Target or any other store that has gift cards, please consider picking up a gift card to donate to a family in need. Please give the gift cards directly to Arrowhead Elementary Nurse Anne Janssen. The cards will be distributed throughout the year as she learns of families in crisis.  

Northshore/Shoreline Community Network and the CARE Team 


What I Said and What I Meant: Improving Cross Cultural Communication 

October 8, 2013 

4:30-6 pm 

Shoreline City Hall 

17500 Midvale Avenue North

Downloadable Flyer

Humans communicate on many levels: spoken language, tone, body language, style and personality. The fact that we have complex cultural identities and a host of differing past experiences increases the probability of cross-cultural miscommunications. This workshop presents major cross-cultural communication theories, ways that cultural values, power, privilege and differences affect the way we communicate, tools for questioning assumptions, and ways to improve cross-cultural communications skills.

Presented by Rosetta Lee 

This event is free of charge, but space is limited. 

Please make your reservation at:

Volunteer Description


This is a year round committee supporting our Arrowhead community as needs arise.  If you would like to volunteer for the Care Committee, please contact current Care Committee chair, Laura Nordyke at 


Care Committee Chair responsibilities:  

  • Solicit volunteers for the year at the Ice Cream Social.    
  • Call families to find out specific need.  
  • Fill needs.  
  • Delegate needs to committee volunteers.  
  • Record expenses and document needs fulfilled. 


Care Committee volunteer responsibilities:
  • Coordinate with the Care Committee Chair on the purchase and delivery of cards, flowers, and/or meals to Arrowhead families in need.
  • Keep receipts for cards and flowers, turn in for reimbursement.  
  • Please note:  Volunteers will usually only be asked to provide one or two meals a year.